We Can Assist You During This Difficult Time

Losing a loved one to trauma leaves those left behind to deal with grief, shock, and other emotions. We step in to assist in the healing process, with discretion. We're experts at removing the aftermath of a trauma. Trauma technicians remove the hazards and visual effects created by this unfortunate event.  We're highly trained and respectful, and we're available 24/7. Call ServiceMaster Team anytime, day or night if this tragedy has taken place.

Trauma scene services are often covered by property insurance. We will coordinate this, so you won't have to.

Equally important; our staff strives to work with your family and friends with the highest level of discretion, integrity and character. If you need information on grief counseling, visit www.griefnet.org

Trauma Clean-Up

Holland/Feasterville           Willow Grove               Newtown/Yardley

215-322-1175 / 215-443-0191 / 215-860-1099