Why replace your floor when we can clean it?

With advanced Research & Development laboratories and extensive field experience. 

ServiceMaster has developed superior programs and regimens to care for a variety of floor surfaces including tile and grout, marble, vinyl, and wood. Your floors will be protected and beautiful.​

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ServiceMaster offers many floor

cleaning services

•Dust-free burnishing

•Enhanced slip resistance

•Less stripping required

Tile and grout floor cleaning

Tile and grout floors look great, but boy are they hard to keep clean. Grout is porous; the dirt gets in and is hard to get it out. This makes your once-gorgeous floor look dull and dingy. We have a 6-step cleaning process that gets your floor clean and allows it to look as good as new.

After we clean it thoroughly, we seal the grout lines to keep dirt out. 

We use only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

How we care for your hardwood floors

Real wood flooring can be expensive, but caring for it doesn’t have to be. ServiceMaster believes your wood floors should always look new, and our specially formulated wood care products can ensure they will.

The benefits of our proprietary approach to floor care include:

•Superior clean and shine

•Reduced wear No burn marks

•Faster and more efficient

regular cleanings